Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Wow it seems that it was just RTT and here we are again.

Yesterday I discovered that one of my followers dropped me :(. I am not sure who it is but I am worrying why, did I do something wrong? was I boring? did I not follow blog etiquete. I am also wondering why being dropped by one follower could create so much thought from me. Enough of that...if they do not want to follow along with me in my blog world then au revoir.
Spring is blooming all around...the azaleas are bursting with beautiful flowers around here, it soooooo beautiful. The bumblebees are flying all around and the birds are tweeting. Kids are outside (not mine!) just loving the beautiful weather. All of this is driving Marley our cocker spaniel C R A Z Y. She has some behavior issues that make her such a nuisance to our neighbors. Every person and dog that walks by the house brings her charging towards them at the street...our electric fence usually keeps her out of their reach. Tough sometimes she decides what the hey getting zapped is worth the fun of barking at these peeps in my world. So add the extra families walking by with their strollers and dogs and it is nuts.
If anyone has any ideas on how to curve this behavior please please let me know. One of our neighbors thinks that we need the Dog Whisperer and Marley is insecure. Not sure why she would be insecure because I adore her and pamper her. There she goes now because someone is walking by....at least she isn't bothering them since the doors are closed.

It is so weird to see the company name in the news where I used to work and "retired" from...they own the ship that was hijacked. I worked for them for almost 10 years and they were never in the news or in movies. When there was a movie that was at a container yard or port their containers and vessels were not in the shot....Even though I haven't been with them for over a year I still think about them and all the friends that I have made there. So it is odd to see them in the news.

Well friends...I think I have succeeded in being very random today since I have been all over the place.

Marley 065


  1. Omg I feel the same way when a subscriber unsubscribes from my blog! It's like a stab in the heart! Lol

  2. Don't take it personally ;) Blogger only allows you to follow 200 blogs.

    Happy (belated) Tuesday! :)