Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First week of summer to brag about

OMG last night Mikayla had a swimmeet and she improved her 50 freestyle time by 3 seconds and her 50 backstroke by 8 seconds! This is an awesome accomplishment. In the years past when Mikayla played soccer we offered the incentive of icecream if she scored a goal...we were close so many times but no cigar. Well this year when she started swimming she asked how she could get icecream with swimming. Her dad and I decided if she improved her times from the meet before then she could get icecream. Guess what she could have icecream...she however decided to get cinnamelts from McDonalds after morning practice this morning. She was a happy happy girl.
Tega Cay Practice swimmeet 019
Now I have to brag on myself....I made cupcakes for the graduation party for Amber, Justin and Trent and they were adorable if I may say myself. Check out the pic and give me lots of love if you think so too! I made them with a great vanilla cupcake recipe that I found on the web (love the web)! Lots of butter in these puppies. I think that they are good based on feedback cuz being diabetic I have never tried them...I know that is like an alcoholic being a bartender! but what can I say...I am a bit twisted. Next I iced with a buttercream icing, sprinkled with school color sugar. Then here is my newest endeavor...I made homemade fondant which I then shaped into caps with the tassel. Mikayla helped me with this part, that's my girl! Again give me lots of love with comments!
Graduation party 001
Graduation party 004
Graduation party 003
Friday morning we are leaving for Georgia to have Mikayla's birthday dinner with her Auntie, J and Eli at her fave.....Olive Garden. Then Grandma and cousins get there to head on to Florida to see the Mouse! I will be attempting another fondant creation...Mikayla wants a cookie cake in the shape of a monkey head which I will hopefully decorate with fondant.