Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Woo hoo it is RTT.
I have been a victim again of my procrastination...I just brought my tax crap to the cpa yesterday. Needless to say after the look I received from the young gal in the office she charged me $25 for an extenstion. I then had the nerve to ask her what the turn around time has been running....hehehehehe....she said 2 to 3 weeks. I apparently am not the only procrastinator. In years past I had an excuse...working full time, kids, husband, soccer...yada yada yada. This year no excuse! I am retired (laid off). I do still have the kids, husband and the yada yada yada.

Last week I went to see David Cook in Macon Georgia (my sis lives near there). When I was making the 4 hour trek to her house Wed afternoon I realized that she and I have never gone out before without kids or hubs entow. We should do it again someday soon! Anyways the concert itself was great...even though they did perform "Creep" - very disappointing. Anyways after the show we decided to emulate groupies and wait for DC to leave the building and get on the tour bus. I thought that was a bit odd for a woman of my years but what the hell.... If odd is decided based on the masses then it was not odd at all. There were peeps that have seen 15 DC shows on this tour and had 8 more shows planned....wtf. It was good but not that good! There was one young lady that had comboed this DC tour with touring colleges ...a great use of time I guess. One person made Easter eggs for the band members WOW. One lady that was waiting for DC's exit of the building was stating that she recalls her first concert in NY in '65 The Beatles (she was 9 then).

Did I tell everyone in blog land that I tried another attempt for the hairdresser to cut my hair into a bob...I apparently had problems communicating what I was looking for. So now the result is a icky shag cut that I DO NOT LIKE! I know we have all had bad haircuts, but this one is very icky...baseball caps are a groovy thing at this time. When I think about bad haircuts it brings be back to a doozy, when I was much younger my bff and I were booked on a cruise in a couple of weeks. Someone I worked with had heard me mention that I wanted to get a perm (I told you this was when I was much younger). See she was going to cosmetology school and she offered for me to go to the school. She would give me perm as practice to her and at a fraction of the normal cost. Have you ever heard of fishhooks? For those of you that do not know that term....all the ends of my hair were bent which creates a frizzy mess. Now that reflect on this I wonder why didn't I just get the ends trimmed. We went on the cruise with my yucky hair. You know who has a fabulous new doo...birthday girl Julie over at http://www.momspective.com/.

Have a great week everyone

Monday, April 13, 2009


MY BIRTHDAY 100_edited

My obsession with mullets even carries over to my appearance....I sometimes wear my Mullet wig at parties (or at the end of parties, if you know what I mean).
This is me at my 40th birthday party, at the very end of the night. Good times! It was a fabulous way to ring in my much dreaded birthday.