Friday, February 20, 2009

What I want to be when I grow up.....

Lately, since I have now been "retired" for a year, I have been thinking what do I want to be when I grow up? Certain questions come to mind....what would I enjoy to do? what will be profitable in this economy? what would be fun? Fun is one of the most important to me, if I am not having fun while at work then well it is not any fun! Sounds simplistic but many times in a work enviroment people get too caught up what they think they should yourself. So back to what I want to do, I love to make things....sewing purses, photo albums, scrapbooking and take lots of pictures. One of my most recent addictions is to bake and decorate cupcakes. At first it started using boxed cakemixes..those are good, but I have been told my scratch items are very yummy. I love to make fun cakes for family and friends for events and I am just delighted to see their face the first time they see my creation. Then when they taste it, even better. For the superbowl, we went to a party at CoolMomGuide...Julie's house and I made a cake that even had color coordinated fans. For Nascar I have dreamed up a cake for that event, so if anyone is interested in ordering one...give me a shout. I also love to plan parties and to entertain. So in the meantime I have started my own business with Southern Living at Home...this provides some of desires in a job...and I really love the product.
What should I be when I grow up?