Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My 18th Anniversary

Yesterday was my husband and my 18th anniversary. After the kids left for school we went for breakfast at Cracker Barrel (my favorite), I even splurged and had 1 1/2 pancakes----heaven. Then later we went to Hooters (my choice) for wings and beer. A perfect day.
Today which was also my husbands day off.... we spent the day hanging out on the back patio in the jacuzzi catching some rays while listening to Bob Marley. For dinner we had ribs that he slowly grilled all day. What another perfect day.
There weren't any flowers, there weren't any cards, chocolates or jewelry. But we had such a wonderful time just hanging out together doing what we love to do. I remember back when we were first married (we were pretty young), when other coworkers of mine would get flowers delivered on their anniversaries or Valentines day I would become so envious and wonder why their guy would be so romantic when mine wasn't. Well over the years after watching that bouquet of flowers be delivered I no longer watch in envy. I am happy for them and even happier for me for the husband that I have and our relationship!