Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ramdom Tuesday Thoughts


I went to the eye dr yesterday and found out that the eye that has been bothering me (as well as the other eye) has UV Sun Damage official name is Pinguecula http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/pinguecula.htm. For those that know me and have been getting to know me with Facebook and the blog I love to be in the sun. The dr said that it wasn't one occurance in the sun but years and years of exposure, living on a pool deck when I was younger. Now I need to make sure that I always have sunglasses on with UV protection. I am a dumb dumb because I always thought that sunglasses were more for fashion and comfort rather than a must for eye health. Also everytime I used the allergy eyedrops that I had at home I was irritating it more because the antihistimine was drying the eye...I now have a bottle of lubricating eyedrops.
We had a great weekend with our buddies that live in Ohio. Carolyn and I had coffee at Panera Bread while the rest of peeps slept...we love our "coffee talks". It does not matter how long it has been since the last and we just pick up wherever we left off. For lunch we went to TBones on the lake and beverages and appetizers while sitting in the sun (see I am in the sun a lot!). When we got home we sat on the back pation in the sun. The kids played "ambush" running around the backyards. It was nice to see my kiddos finally outside running around in the sunshine instead of playing XBox.
I have been stressing a bit lately about Mikayla...see she tends to be a bit of a hyporcondriac...we know it and just deal with it. I took her to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because she thought her toe was broken, since we were going to the dr I told her to make a list of all of her ailments. We had her thigh hurts, belly hurts, ankles hurt, headache..... This doctor looked at me like I was the biggest B because of I was making light of all Mikayla's "issues". She asked me questions like "How often, how long....". I don't know the answers I just know that everyday is something new. Which is a big reason that I don't believe her most of the time. Now this dr wants me to watch for frequency and make note of it. Talked about blood tests and other testing. One day Mikayla did the belly ache thing and I shooed her out the door to catch the bus. About noon I get the call from the school that she has vomited in class and I need to come for her...I feel terrible because I didn't believe her. How am I supposed to know????? Last week the belly ache was the ailment, so do I believe her? I send her to school after telling her to try and go, if she feels bad to go to the clinic and I would come get her...the school called at 1:30. This morning she had the belly ache (she is in her bed). To add to all of this fun, she has had some issues with her bff. She is now the 3rd wheel, she is not invited to the birthday party, only called upon for playing when the former 3rd wheel is not available. The bff is in most of Mikayla's classes. Are the belly aches anxiety related due to these social challenges? Most of time I am totally comfortable on how to handle the kiddos...I don't know what to do. I can't fix this. I have been told that the kids have been saying that Mikayla is too bossy, that she wants them to do what she wants them to do. Sounds like me, not as a child but now. So what do I do?
I am watching IceAge...the little squirel character cannot catch a break. The whole time he is trying to get the acorn. It rolls away, flips away, flies away. The squirel is very tenacious and persistent.