Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Okay kiddos here goes my 2nd attempt at Ramdom Tuesday Thoughts.
I am sitting here in my chair listening to the birds chirpin and low and behold I see a glow coming from outside through the windows...holy doo doo it is the sun. If you are anywhere on the East Coast you are wondering the same as me...what could that be- It is the SUN! The birdies are singing their victory song that they did not have to go up a ramp 2 by 2 on the ark during all the recent rain. I have been in a funk the last few days is it because of the rain...well hey yes it is! It could be on shallow level or deep whichever you choose. First the rain canceled my camping trip, second I have not been able to sit on the back patio to listen to tunes in the sunshine...so is the funk from not getting to do the things that I want to do or is it cuz rain can cause a funk?
Why do my doggies tear up their favorite toy everytime I replace it? They love this toy..a stuffed lamb that we refer to as lammie. I have replaced it 3 times and right now Corona is lying down with her paw on the hollowed out lammie the 3rd. I don't have a backup to lammie the 3rd, the only place that I can find lammies is on ebay. Corona is in a funk today too, cuz her buddy Marley is at the vet...she just seems lonely.
Why do delivery trucks and school buses think that they are exempt from speedlimits in our neighborhood? Everyday they zoom by at a speed much greater than the 20 mph listed in our neighborhood. I have mentioned this several times to the FMPD they tell me that they will put speed traps up to curve this behavior but this has not happened. What if little Johnny was playing out there? It could happened, especially today cuz the SUN is out!
Hey everyone, who is having corned beef and cabbage today? I am I am I am, of course only I will be having this treat in this house cuz nobody else here will eat it. This reminds me of when Roger and I were first dating. We both lived in Florida. I asked him one day what would he like me to make him, his response was "brisket". Okay my thoughts were since this was something I really liked and mom made many times before. So I trotted to the grocery store and purchased the "brisket", cabbage and potatoes. I get back to his apartment and put all of the goodies in a pot of water. He comes in and asks what am I doing? I reply "making brisket". He says "my mother doesn't make it that way", I say "well my mother does". Fast forward to dinner time. I put his "brisket", cabbage and potatoes on a plate and he takes a bite of the meat and makes an odd face. And procedes to tell me that it is not what he was expecting. I guess everyone should have realized that Roger and I could endure almost anything if we were able to make it through that! It was not until he brought me home to meet his family in Texas and we had brisket did I realize what "brisket" he wanted me to make. Who would have ever thought a piece of meat could be so different depending on where you live.
The vet just called and they said that Marley's anal glands need to be cleaned....ewwwwweee that is gross. This is a job that I cannot imagine doing. I am sure she is not going to be happy when I pick her up and she will discover that Lammie is now hollow.
I am going out tonight with CoolMom Julie and will be consuming Green Beer! Yahoooooooo