Monday, April 20, 2009


I know that I previously declared that Monday's would be Mullet Mondays but it does not appear that peeps are in love with the mullet as much as me...based on the lack of feedback. So today I am gonna ramble a bit about motherhood and the fact Springbreak is over and the kiddos went back to school today...whew!
I have found that I am very similiar to my mother. This past week I hid upstairs most of the week cuz the kids took over my laptop and the tv to play Xbox games. It was just easier if they were happy, eventhough I was not. I stayed home so that their friends could be over so they were happy. My kids are supposed to be the ones to empty the dishwasher...I usually end up doing it because it is just easier that way. Am I a bad mom? Then when my husband kicks them out of the room, he appears to be the bad guy or when he notices me emptying the dishwasher he is the bad guy...just as my father always was. hmmmm I am actually like this with many relationships...I do not confront when something is not right I just stew and sometimes get over it and sometimes do not. What does it all mean?

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