Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Update on the summer

Well my kids have been in Florida with Grandma since Saturday....oh my goodness I miss the little pains in the arssses. I know Mikayla has missed us but do not think Taylor will admit it (you know that wouldn't be cool). Monday they spent the day at the Disney parks....all day long. Here they are..
Mikayla and Taylor as disney pirates
Before they left we celebrated Mikayla's 12th birthday. Here is her Monkey Cookie Cake which has marshmallow fondant for the decorations.
Mikayla 12 bday
Tomorrow they leave Florida and we are all meeting up in Georgia to camp on Lake Allatoona...yes I was a bit crazy when I planned that one-- camping in the middle of June in Georgia. Well wish us luck cuz it is gonna be HOT!


  1. You have been traveling a TON this summer! Geez!

  2. isn't that what you are supposed to do during the summer?
    Have you missed me?