Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


My kids and I got sunburnt on our recent camping trip.... and now our backs itch horribly. It makes me wonder if when a snake is shedding his skin does it itch and is that why they are a cranky species?

I find it really odd that I like a Miley Cyrus song...but I do. I really like The Climb. Maybe it is coming full circle since I have an obsession with Mullets and her father Billy Ray is a famous mulleteer. It is so true, we are always wishing for the outcome to happen but the journey is the true part of the process, it is what makes the memories.

My hubby just found out that his cholestrol is high and he is trying to take care of it with diet and excercise. I this has proven to be a challenge for me the chef. I do not know what to make for him. I have been diagnosed with diabetes for 2 1/2 years now and have had to learn that world and now I have to learn lower cholestrol cooking. I thought it would be somewhat easy but how am I wrong. I thought it would just be a matter of lean meats and veggies. The dude loves butter, bacon, pizza, oreos and milk, mac and cheese, eggs, chips and hotsauce. Peeps give me ideas pweeeeeessssse.

Toodlelooooooo peeps in bloggie world. I cannot wait to jump over to Keely's random world http://www.theunmom.com/ as well as Julie's (since she is on pain meds and it should be totally random!) http://www.momspective.com/.


  1. I can't believe the amount you've been traveling this summer! With my operation and trip to Syracuse, I'm not going to see you until Labor day!

  2. Stopping by from Keely's. My husband is on a low cholesterol diet, too. And fighting it every step of the way. We started out fairly low key, just restricting red meats to twice a week, adding in a lot of fish, chicken, nuts are a great thing, & salads. Good luck.

  3. I found this site really helpful with the whole diet and exercise thing - http://www.sparkpeople.com/

    and it's free! Good luck, it's SO hard. I know.

  4. Teehee, I like that Miley Cyrus song too....... Lol

  5. hey girl! Awsum blog you've got here!!! very very cute!! =) keep it up!