Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey check out this purse I made for one of my son's friends birthday. She is a big fan of Perry the Platypus?????
ebay stuff

This morning I had a reaction to my new med for diabetes. My bloodsugar went lower than it ever did before. I had the shakes, I was clammy but cold...it was very scary. My doc said that it was my body getting used to the lower bloodsugar and the numbers were where I needed to be... I hope it works out for the best because the label states that I should avoid prolonged periods in the sun....huh? if you know me you know that I love to be in the sun. So now I cannot have cinnamon buns and sun? That friggin sucks! Oh and I shouldn't drink cuz it can make the bloodsugar go too low. Did I say this friggin sucks? Now what will I indulge in? celery? And of course I was nagged about not exercising enough. Oh happy joy joy. Well to make lemonade (sugarfree) from these lemons....if the med brings my numbers down maybe I can have a cinnamon bun every once in awhile. We will see.


  1. Dang, girl! I was just telling Ryan I need to call you for another night out. Maybe beer will bring your blood sugar back up!

  2. So, nothin' but Ecstasy for you then? I'm pretty sure that's safe. ;)

  3. hmmm ecstasy...I have never had that. I will be taking that fab pill in a few minutes, after the kids leave (just in case I have another reaction I don't want them scared). Please stand by.

  4. Wow - that sucks. Sorry to hear about your health woes, but that purse is awesome!