Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Ba ba ba my debut with Random Thoughts Tuesday…my favorite blog day on many sites.

Today I was out and about getting stuff for our possible camping trip this weekend… the thing is we are not sure whether we are gonna get to go. It is supposed to rain..boo. I have missed going camping and seeing the beach. Having the sand between my toes. Listening to the waves crash into the shore. My sister, brother in law and Eli are planning on going with us… I can’t wait to see Eli play in the sand, run along the shore and just hang with him. Eli is my 2 ½ year old nephew that I absolutely adore, he knows who I am now when he sees me “Auntie!”, though it sounds like “E T”.
When I tell you’ll that we are going camping I am not suggesting that we will roughing it…campsite must have running water and electricity. Showers close by are also a requirement for me. I don’t like to be hot or extremely cold…I take all the conveniences from home to be comfortable. But we are camping! The kids do not have Xbox or the laptop. Satellite tv will not be a part of their weekend. We will play card games, talk, listen to music…and of course people watch.
I am thinking about getting my hair cut short...the style I am thinking about all day I kept seeing it today (or did I just notice it cuz I am considering?). What should I do? I need Nick from "What Not To Wear", he would know what to do. Until I get the nerve I will be sporting my same ol same ol hair doo.

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