Monday, May 18, 2009

Manic Monday

As the school year winds down I sit and wonder what my kids will do to stay busy. They are going to Florida for a week meeting up with Grandma and their 2 cousins that live in Texas. My MIL and daughter get along like oil and water. Grandma sometimes forgets who is the adult and will continue to argue with Mikayla. Neither backing down...and in the past none of the arguing have been over anything revelant, such as the color of a shirt. My husband believes that since it has been a few years since they have seen eachother and that Mikayla is older that they will be fine. The mom in me is nervous. One of the first summers that we lived here in S. Carolina Taylor, our son, spent a month in Texas with Grandma and his cousins. He loved it. Mikayla was not invited, Grandma didn't think she could handle the extra grandchild. I guess Mikayla was doomed from the get go since she is a lot like me and therefore a reminder to my MIL of me...not good. We have never had a great relationship. When Roger and I were dating in Florida he decided that he wanted me to go with him to Texas to meet his family. So we drove 24 straight hours and got to his brother's apartment...MIL was there and she did not even acknowledge my existence. Maybe she thought that if she ignored me that I would go away...I guess that isn't going to happen since we have been married for 18 years. She has always had a problem with my is not her fucking problem! She even pointed out a larger person once at a water park..."oh look Heather, there is someone bigger than you!" Like holy shit how can that happen. So back to the Florida trip for my kids...I get to drive them down there and drop them off in Orlando...really really not looking forward to that (seeing MIL). I do not think there are enough anxiety meds to get me through this happily. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Remember that brother's apartment I went to? Well there was something great in that visit too. I met my future sister in law that turned out to be a great friend and ally. Over the years we have lost eachother due to family issues but I have always missed our relationship, over the holidays I saw her for the first time in years and had hoped that our relationship would resume in some form of the old time. It has not. I still think of her often and hope that someday we will be friends again.

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  1. Yeah, I've been freaking out about summer, too. We'll have to get together. I'll be seeing you this weekend at Chad's though!